Farewell, San Francisco

Farewell, San Francisco

By Katie Gong

Farewell, San Francisco



Earlier this year, my family made a big change. We decided to leave the city that has been home in exchange for a wooded, country paradise. We chose to leave San Francisco for a few reasons and anyone familiar with the Bay Area is no stranger to the pros and cons of living in the City. 



We longed for more space. We were spread so thin between our three businesses that I felt like we needed a hard reset. We needed a place where we could accomplish all of our work in one place. San Francisco just got to be too much in terms of hiking rental prices for the spaces that we longed for. We ultimately left for more freedom and space to create and work. We are so happy with our decision and loving it out here in the woods.



The house we ended up finding was inspiring in itself. It has endless possibilities for life. There is enough room for all of us in this house. I felt confined by our apartment in SF, like I couldn’t live the life that I wanted. I felt I was making compromises about my life without even noticing it. For example, I was so on the fence about having another child, literally because I didn’t know where I could physically put them or afford them in the city. I got tired of the city’s constraints making important decisions for me. Now we have the space and another baby on the way! 



My favorite room in the house is the living room. It has large windows on both sides of the house, so it gets great light throughout the day. It also has high vaulted ceilings and a warm fireplace. It is where we spend most of our time and an inspiring space.


Our home serves many purposes: live, work, play, and repeat. We love the space but there are still some updates that we can’t wait to tackle. The project I’m most excited about is the bathroom remodel. It has somewhat funky and old fixtures that don’t really match or serve a function. So I’m excited to go in and give it a facelift. Someday I’d love to gut the whole split bath/shower and put in a tub with a wet room, with wall-to-wall tile.




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